Trinity Newsletter - Dec. 22, 2020


Return to Church - Part 2 


With the climbing numbers of COVID-19, the province of Ontario has determined that the entire province will move to a lockdown state starting Dec 26th.  In southern Ontario, this is expected to last until almost the end of January.   With this grey colour - coded level of emergency direction , indoor religious services are permitted to only have ten people in attendance.  We really have no choice but to return to virtual services. 


Fortunately, we again have the talents of Matt Young to video Rev. Jim, Rick and the scripture readers as they create worship services for us.  As previously planned, the Christmas Eve / Communion service will be virtually presented only by video.  Starting Dec 27th, until the end of January, the Sunday services will now be videoed and then published on our church webpage and on the Facebook page.   The church will again be closed, with the exception of approved meetings of no more than 10 people.  Scheduling meetings virtually is preferred to enhance safety.  (Check with Chris in the office for permission to meet for church related business or request a Zoom meeting through Carol)


The Return to Church Committee, guided by Niagara Public Health, will reconvene near the end of January to determine when we can meet again in the sanctuary.  In the interval, talk to our fan out calling team and let them know how you coping and share any ideas and suggestions that you have.   Chris, Rev. Jim and I can be reached via a message through our church web page or direct email / phone.  


Stay safe and  God Bless you and your family in this 2020 version of Christmas. 


Christmas  Quizzzz


  1. Which city is officially known as "The Christmas Capital of Canada”?
     a)Toronto, b) Montreal, c) Winnipeg, d) Vancouver

  2. During the 12 Days of Christmas in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, kids often wear masks, make noise, ring bells and go door-to-door seeking treats.
    Which name do they go by?  a) Mummers, b) Bummers, c0 Belsnicklers  d)  Both a & c

  3. During the last seven days of December, many of Canada's Inuit celebrate Christ's birth.  Which of the following is true?   a) Gifts are only given to children aged 12 and under b) Gifts are exchanged every day from Dec. 25 to 31  c) Gifts exchanged can only be homemade  d) No gifts are exchanged at all.

  4. Which is considered to be the first Christmas carol based on an Aboriginal language? a) "Joy to the World”, b) "The Huron Carol”,c) "White Christmas”,d) "The First Noel"

5.    Canada’s National Christmas Tree Growers Association reports that real Christmas trees have positive spin-              offs. Which of the following is true?   a) They produce oxygen, rid the air of carbon dioxide and reduce the                  greenhouse effect. b) They are a renewable resource, biodegradable and a wildlife habitat. c) Neither a or b.
       d) Both a and b
6.   What made Queen Elizabeth’s 2006 Christmas message so unique?
       a) It featured season's greetings from the entire Royal Family. b) It featured a slew of Royal Family bloopers and          outtakes. c) It featured the Royal Family singing Christmas carols  d) It was the first to be made available as a                podcast

7.    Yes, Virginia…there really is a genuine organization named SCROOGE. What does this acronym mean?

       a) Sincere Canadians (Who) Rule Out Outlandish Gift Excesses

       b) Send Commercialism Right Out of Our Good-Natured Environment

       c) Society of Cheap, Repulsive, Overwrought, Oddball Geezers Everywhere

       d) Society to Curtail Ridiculous, Outrageous and Ostentatious Gift Exchanges

Answers to Quizzzz

1.    C Winnipeg earned this title because its frequent and abundant snowfalls each December virtually guarantee a         white Christmas, providing ideal weather for skating, sleigh rides and roasting chestnuts over an open fire

2.    D Belsnicklers or Mummers wear masks and costumes, disguise their voices and sing and dance before going to        the next house. If the host can't guess their identities, he or she must come along with them and join in the               holiday fun.

3.    B Along with daily gift-giving, a traditional Inuit Christmas often includes a festive dinner that features caribou,        seal or arctic char with tea and bannock
4.    B "The Huron Carol," or "Jesous Ahatonhia," ("Jesus, He Is Born") was written in the native language of the                    Huron/Wendat people by missionary Jean de Brébeuf in 1643. The English version "Twas in the Moon of                        Wintertime" was written by Jesse Edgar Middleton in 1926
5.    D Every year, approximately five to six million Christmas trees are grown in Canada; nearly all of them are                  harvested from Christmas tree farms.  On average, Canadian trees need seven to 10 years to reach the right               height for harvesting.

6.   D The first podcast of Queen Elizabeth's Christmas message was made available on TV, radio and in audio and            video formats on the BBC's website. The Queen's first podcast was also accessible at the same time as the TV              and radio airings.

7.    D With more than 2,000 members in Canada, the United States and other nations around the globe, SCROOGE          was originally established in 1979 in an effort to "stop wasting large sums of money on gifts that don’t seem to            make anybody much happier for that much longer."


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