Newsletter #1.  Financial Update. May 25th, 2020  


Dear Trinity Family:

April / May 2020 will certainly be remembered as the 3rd and 4th month of what will be remembered as the 2020 PANDEMIC YEAR!  As we settle into our self-isolation, wash your hands, keep 6 feet separation and don’t forget your face mask, we are living in a new world.  Thank goodness for Rev. Jim, Rick Young and son Matthew for providing us with weekly YouTube worship services that we can enjoy from our safe home environment


I thought it was important to keep you, our Trinity Family updated on our financial picture, as I have had several calls concerned about keeping our doors open for post COVID-19 days.  


  • The month of April shows a shortfall of $2,203.28 and year to date; our shortfall has grown to $13,225.65.  As you know, our main fundraiser of the year – the Auction, was postponed.  Also, our Irish Stew Supper was cancelled.  And with all social gatherings suspended, we are not charging any of our rental groups.  

  • The working hours of Chris Goertz and Linda Hemming have been reduced with the cancellation of regular Worship and group meetings at the church, but we will work with all staff to ensure that remuneration is appropriate and sufficient.  

  • Rev. Jim is providing weekly “Sunday Guided Tours” on our website, together with our regular pastoral prayer list and a Sunday prayer and, with the help and guidance of Rick and Rick’s son, Matthew, matching A/V presentations filmed in the sanctuary are being made as well.

  • To assist with cash flow, we are holding a few cheques such as our monthly cheques to the Trustees for repayment of our annual insurance bill.  

  • We are also thankful that there have been no major property expenditures, although we are closely watching the roof leaking in the gym over the stage.

  • We will continue to watch all expenditures and like COVID-19 has taught us, only essential services will be purchased.


As you can predict, a reduction in our income is a concern and if possible, we hope that you will be able to continue with your regular givings or perhaps consider switching to PAR if you are not already on PAR.


As we count our blessings that nobody from our Trinity Family has contracted the COVID-19 virus.


 With Thoughts and Prayers to All of You,

Bob Tanouye

Finance Committee Chair

Trinity United Church Thorold 

905-227-4644  /