Newsletter #2 

June 10th, 2020

Dear Trinity Family:

May 2020 results are now finalized and I thought I would provide an update on our financial picture.  I plan to provide monthly updates as soon as I have the financial results each month.  


  • OVERVIEW.  The month of May shows a surplus of $1,534.13 and year to date; our shortfall has been reduced to $11,691.52.  

  • INCOME.  Thanks to our amazing Congregation, envelope givings remain strong, but a serious loss of our leasing rental revenues of over $3,000 and the loss of our planned fundraising events of $12,000; these are the reasons our income is about $15,000 short of our budgeted expected income and our year to date shortfall..

  • EXPENSES.  Because of our amazing staff and their recognition of the COVID-19 situation, they have willingly reduced their remuneration so as to not put a strain on the Church.  And all of our Committees are into COVID-19 mode and only essential expenses and services are being used.

  • PAR (Preauthorized Automatic Remittance).  There are 17 Families who are on PAR and it is certainly reassuring to have this core guaranteed income coming in every month.  And I would like to thank the 40 or so Families who have been keeping up to date with getting their envelope donations into the Church.  If you would like to get more information on how to switch to PAR, contact Chris at the office or let me know.  It’s easy and painless.

  • GRANTS.  We are exploring the various grants and funding that is available and although one Emergency Community Support Fund grant has been rejected, we are exploring other opportunities.

  • FUNDRAISING.  Although our regular fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed, I am aware of a secret meeting in our back yard about a new fundraising event in the works.  Watch for Carol Dueck’s announcement regarding this opportunity.  

  • WORSHIP / COMMUNICATION.  Rev. Jim and Rick Young are providing weekly “Sunday Guided Tours” on our website with the support of Rick’s son – Matthew.  The most recent Guided Tour was a service at Beaverdams, which was highly acclaimed by those who have viewed it.  And our regular Congregational phone call program is helping to keep our Congregation in touch and up to date.

  • FEEDBACK.  If you would like more information and something explained in more detail, let me know.  

  • We will continue to watch all expenditures and like COVID-19 has taught us, only essential services will be purchased.


We count our blessings that nobody from our Trinity Family has contracted the COVID-19 virus.  


 With Thoughts and Prayers to All of You,




Bob Tanouye

Chair of Finance Committee





Council Chair Newsletter June 15, 2020


You are all warriors!  Staying home except to shop for essentials, keeping away from grandchildren, going for walks (with some distance from non-family), keeping in touch by phone, worshiping at home.  It has been a long time since March 15 - the first Sunday we came to realize that life has and will change.   We are thankful that, so far, no one has gotten ill with the virus.

Society around us is definitely challenging just now - dealing with COVID-19 (the health and economic stress) and protests for racial inequity.  Which is more frightening?  Around the world other tragedies are occurring: Friends I got to know on a mission trip 4 years ago in Sundurbans, India lost many of their possessions and still don’t have electricity and water after the cyclone hit the Bay of Bengal three weeks ago.  Doctors without Borders are fighting an Ebola epidemic in West Africa (along with COVID-19). The hurricane storm season has started early in the Atlantic coasts.  And now there is the real fear that a second wave of COVID-19 is emerging in China.  


The world needs prayer - let’s start with continuing to pray for one another, our families and the Niagara area.  Thank you persisting to stay in contact with one another as our callers share the phone list to reach out to everyone at Trinity.  If there are other ways to stay connected, I would be interested in hearing your suggestions.  I do worry about you who do not have computers and phones that bring you the news of our church family.  Those in long term care are only just now hearing of tiny steps to have visits with family.  


You have probably heard that the tradition of sharing the summer services with our friends at St. Andrews, will continue - but virtually.  For the week after Labour Day, we will work out a plan to gather once more in our lovely sanctuary.  At the moment, religious groups can meet up to 30% of their usual capacity and many churches are going slow with this: large churches need to figure out how to manage 300-400 people and keep the distance, others just think it is too soon for large gatherings.  Given that St. Andrews is searching for a new minister and have different ministers assigned every two weeks and like us have vulnerable members, they have opted to not return to the building this summer.  Neither will Trinity.  We will continue with the talented team of Rev. Jim and Rick offering virtual services in July and then reach for some rest and relaxation in August.  We will share virtual services back and forth with the Presbyterians, so we will enjoy a bit of variety over the summer “on line”.  


In the meantime, some of the ladies of the church have a fund raiser underway, making their delicious meat pies. The orders are placed with Jan and Bob Tanouye and will be ready for safe pick up in the church parking lot on June 23rd.  They have adjusted to our new reality and will need to quarantine the money they receive for 72 hours, before handling for deposit.   

I would like to echo Bob’s suggestion to share your donations to the church by enrolling in PAR.  The money in your wallet is probably the dirtiest thing there as it is handled by many fingers and it forces our staff and volunteers to carefully segregate the coins and cash.  


I suspect that the changes of what we can and cannot do, will start to happen faster.  To keep up to the latest over the summer - listen for the weekly phone calls, be challenged and blessed by the worship services and Bible readings, check out the website.  And you can call us with your questions and ideas.  Most importantly, Pray for one another.  


May God bless you and your family,


Carol Dueck


Chair of Church Council / 289-696-6994


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