Trinity Newsletter #4

Results of Council On Line Voting in June

Recommendations from the Return to Church Committee 


Guidelines for safe Return to Church was approved by majority of the council.  Thank you to Council members for the prompt responses in the summer to this email voting forum. 

  • We will continue with Sunday Guided Tours virtually during the month of July with Rev. Jim and Rick and Matt.

  • We will post the videos from St. Andrews for the month of August while the Trinity team takes a much needed rest and vacation.

  • The Return to Church Committee will continue to update the guidelines as changes are announced by Public Health.  

  • Aiming for a Sept 13, 2020 service in the sanctuary dependent on the environment with "the virus".  

  • The “Dynamic Dozen” callers will continue to reach out by  phone weekly or every other week to stay in touch with one another, pray for focused needs, update church news and share a little cheer. The weekly Prayer List is now being shared to all our Trinity family.  

  • Suggestions and questions from our church family happily received!  ( or message via our web page.

May God continue to bless and protect  each one.  Enjoy this summer weather, even though activities are still limited.

Carol Dueck

Chair Church Council 

And now for some uplifting news:

Financial Update  

Dear Trinity Family:

June 2020 results are now finalized and I thought I would provide an update on our financial picture.  I plan to provide monthly updates as soon as I have the financial results each month.  

  • OVERVIEW.  The month of June shows a surplus of $12,454.61 and year to date; our shortfall has been eliminated and we now are in a surplus of $463.09.  

  • INCOME.  Thanks to our amazing Congregation, envelope givings remain amazingly strong!  Although a  loss of our so leasing rental revenues, Early On surprised us with honouring their rental agreement with a cheque covering March, April and May.  As a result, our shortfall in leased hall rentals was only $2,300.  The loss of our main fundraiser of the year – The Mel Swart Auction resulted in the  loss of $10,000 and the Irish Stew Supper’s planned income still shows an income of almost $1,000.  Also, a few of our Trinity ladies got together to make and sell some delicious meat pies and raised $620.  Those who missed out on enjoying such great meat pies are lined up to order your next batch.  So, as a result, our planned income for 6 months is only $3,500 short of our budget.

  • EXPENSES.  Because of our amazing staff and their recognition of the COVID-19 situation, they have willingly reduced their remuneration so as to not put a strain on the Church.  And all of our Committees are into COVID-19 mode and only essential expenses and services are being used.  As a result, our total expenses are $12,700 less than our budgeted total expenses.  So, instead of a planned shortfall of $8,736, we have a surplus of $463.  

  • Givings / PAR (Preauthorized Automatic Remittance).  There are 17 Families who are on PAR and it is certainly reassuring to have this core guaranteed income coming in every month.  And I would like to thank the 40 or so Families who have been keeping up and surpassing planned givings.  And people have been taking advantage of our donate option on our webpage.  This utilizes the Canada Helps givings website where givings automatically get deposited into our bank account and the donor will receive a tax receipt from them.

  • GRANTS.  We are exploring the various grants and funding that is available and although one Emergency Community Support Fund grant has been rejected, we are exploring other opportunities.

  • FUNDRAISING.  Our regular fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed.  Should groups or individuals have any ideas for fundraising that would follow the strict rules and regulations currently in place, touch base with Carol Dueck to see if our Pandemic Committee can approve and support your idea.  

  • WORSHIP / COMMUNICATION.  Rev. Jim and Rick Young are providing weekly “Sunday Guided Tours” on our website with the support of Rick’s son – Matthew.  And our regular Congregational phone call program is helping to keep our Congregation in touch and up to date.

  • FEEDBACK.  If you would like more information and something explained in more detail, let me know.  

  • We will continue to watch all expenditures and like COVID-19 has taught us, only essential services will be purchased.


We count our blessings that nobody from our Trinity Family has contracted the COVID-19 virus.  With Thoughts and Prayers to All of You,


Bob Tanouye

Chair of Finance Committee


Cave Springs Camp Update 

Corporation Meeting (via Zoom) June 20, 2020 snapshot

  • Interim Exec. Director Nikki is retiring,(main reason to save camp expenses)

  • Maintaining upkeep of grounds and water testing despite no summer camps

  • Camp in a Box is age related kits with camp activities to use at home, camp swag, song book, community activity for $25.00.  Good uptake so far, as a fund raiser.  Order through the camp webpage.

  • Leadership Program available on line, great reviews, bursary fund available for teens wishing to apply

  • Budget with deficit approved with recognition it will need constant updating. Actively pursuing donations and grants. 



It's Official! - Faith is accepted to Tyndale University, Council approved to support donations for Faith Campbell’s tuition. 

Tyndale University in Toronto has programs for divinity and religious studies.  The school offers a unique funding program, that match funds raised by the local church towards tuition up to a maximum of $500.00.

Since the pandemic stopped the plans for a fund raising dinner, we opted to provide a way for a straight donation to Faith’s education. 


If you wish to donate toward the September tuition, simply send a cheque to Trinity United Church Thorold, with the line indicating Tuition for Faith Campbell.   Please send your gift by August holiday weekend. The office will forward the total donations to Tyndale from Trinity.  There are rules preventing donations to one person, so to preserve Trinity’s charitable status, income tax receipts are not available.  Thank you for considering this.  


Trinity United Church Thorold 

905-227-4644  /