Trinity Newsletter #5

Return to Church Committee Next Steps

The terrific trio of Rev. Jim, Rick and Matthew are enjoying the month of August in vacation mode.  They produced and published a remarkable 18 Sunday Guided Tours from March 15th to July 26th to bless us with the opportunity to worship virtually..  Rev. Jim managed to challenge us each Sunday with a mini Bible study.  

In August, continue to check out our church webpage 
( as St. Andrews Presbyterian Church share their Sunday Virtual worship services with us.  


The Return to Church Committee is keeping their fingers on the pulse of Niagara during Phase Three of recovery.  Tentative plans are for our church family to meet again in our sanctuary after Labour Day.   This can only happen if the community environment is safe and you are comfortable to return.  Traditional worship services and meetings will need to be different just as the pandemic has impacted and changed the many facets of our daily lives.  We want to hear from you!  The last page of this news letter is a survey and you are invited to share your ideas and concerns.   


Sharing Good News

Many thanks to all who supported Faith’s Tuition Fund.  $750.00 is on its way to Tyndale!

Congratulations and happy wishes to Jim and Laura Mable who celebrated their 61st Anniversary August 8th!  They met with various family in person and virtually.   


  Financial Update  

August 11th, 2020 

Dear Trinity Family: 


July 2020 results are now finalized and I thought I would provide an update on our financial picture. I plan to provide monthly updates as soon as I have the financial results each month. 

OVERVIEW. The month of July shows a surplus of $504.84 and year to date; our shortfall has been eliminated and we now are in a surplus of $967.93.. 

INCOME. Thanks to our amazing Congregation, envelope givings remain amazingly strong! Al-though a loss of our leasing rental revenues, Early On surprised us with honouring their rental agreement with a cheque covering March through July. As a result, our shortfall in leased hall rentals was only $2,055. The loss of our main fundraiser of the year – The Mel Swart Auction re-sulted in the loss of $10,000 and the Irish Stew Supper’s planned income still shows an income of almost $1,000. So, as a result, our planned income for 7 months is only $3,600 short of our bud-get. 

EXPENSES. Because of our amazing staff and their recognition of the COVID-19 situation, they have willingly reduced their remuneration so as to not put a strain on the Church. And all of our Committees are into COVID-19 mode and only essential expenses and services are being used. As a result, our total expenses are $17,020 less than our budgeted total expenses. So, instead of a planned shortfall of $12,366, we have a surplus of $968. 

 GIVINGS / PAR (Preauthorized Automatic Remittance). There are 17 Families who are on PAR and it is certainly reassuring to have this core guaranteed income coming in every month. And I would like to thank the 40 or so Families who have been keeping up and surpassing planned givings. And people have been taking advantage of our donate option on our webpage. This utilizes the Canada Helps givings website where givings automatically get deposited into our bank ac-count and the donor will receive a tax receipt from them. 

GRANTS. We are exploring the various grants and funding that is available and although one Emergency Community Support Fund grant has been rejected, we are exploring other opportunities. 

FUNDRAISING. Our regular fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed. Should groups or individuals have any ideas for fundraising that would follow the strict rules and regulations currently in place, touch base with Carol Dueck to see if our Pandemic Committee can approve and support your idea. 

WORSHIP / COMMUNICATION. Rev. Jim and Rick will both be off the month of August and so we’ll be worshiping online with St. Andrews. 

FEEDBACK. If you would like more information and something explained in more detail, let me know. ➢ We will continue to watch all expenditures and like COVID-19 has taught us, only essential services will be purchased. We count our blessings that nobody from our Trinity Family has contracted the COVID-19 virus. 

With Thoughts and Prayers to All of You, 

Bob Tanouye 

Chair Finance Committee



Return to Church Survey 


The Return to Church Committee is seeking your suggestions as we design how to safely return to worship in the sanctuary.  Depending on the continued success of Stage Three in the Niagara area, the committee is considering gathering for services September 13, 2020.  But ONLY if it is safe and enough and if our church family is comfortable to return.  Your input is valuable to us and we would like to hear your opinion and ideas.


Please return this short survey - you can do this however you are comfortable to manage technology.  We chose to not use on line tools such as “Survey Monkey” as those without internet access or are intimidated by on line surveys would not be able to participate.  You can: 

    • Complete it on line, save it and then email it to:  ( 

    • Print this, write on it and then scan and email it back or pop it in the church mail box

    • Write a simple email with your ideas to me 

    • Use the Contact page on the Trinity website

    • Phone and tell me your suggestions. - 289-696-6994


We would appreciate receiving YOUR ideas by Aug 20, 2020, so we can share your ideas at the meeting next week.


  1. I would be comfortable attending worship in the sanctuary as of September 13, 2020 if Public Health recommends this with prescribed safety measures.  (example distancing, hand sanitization, masks, etc).
    Given the current guidelines, Trinity could accommodate 50- 55 people in attendance)

    •   Yes

    •   No

    •   Uncertain


  1. I would be comfortable waiting to attend worship in the sanctuary until Thanksgiving 2020.

    •   Yes

    •   No

    •   Uncertain

  1. I would prefer a hybrid approach - (services in the sanctuary and provided virtually)


    •   Yes

    •   No

    •   Uncertain

  1. I would be comfortable attending a meeting at the church within the suggested number limitations (currently 10 people) and safety precautions

    •   Yes

    •   No

    •   Uncertain

  1. The Suspension Phone Fan-Out system has kept me in touch with Trinity people and updated as to happenings with our church family

    •   Yes

    •   No

    •   Uncertain

  1. The Sunday Guided Tours have been a satisfactory way to continue to worship

    •   Yes - I watch on the Trinity webpage

    •   Yes - I watch on Facebook

    •   No 

    •   I do not have access to the service.


  1. I agree that “coffee hour“ will not be part of the worship time for the fall season of 2020, until we are sure that such gatherings with food service are safe.

    •   Yes

    •   No

    •   Uncertain

  1. Suggestions / Concerns  that I have to share with the committee:






   Thank you for taking time to share your ideas.

Trinity United Church Thorold 

905-227-4644  /