Trinity Newsletter #6.   Sept 11, 2020

 Return to Church Committee Decision

The committee met September 10th and has sent the recommendation to the Church Council on a date to gather again in the sanctuary.  They listened to your input and the comfort of our members and friends on regathering, the guidance from Niagara Public Health, and the regional numbers of new cases with an eye to the response of schools retuning this week.   Thanks to this team for your prayerful guidance.


Trinity will aim to return to worship in our sanctuary on Thanksgiving Sunday. 


If the safety guidelines related to the COVID-19 changes, we will adjust the return date. When we do return - things will be a little different.  There will be signs and posters to guide you and “Greeters” to help with the new way of meeting.  Closer to the date, we will share details of what to expect.   See the church’s web page for news or chat with our dedicated call team for more information as it becomes available.


Sharing Good News

 Welcome back to Rev. Jim, Rick and Matt - the Labour Day weekend worship service was a treat.  Solid words to digest, new faces reading the scriptures, the organ and hymns all set inside that attractive sanctuary.  We are delighted you had a restful, recharging vacation break, and are happy to “see” you again.  We are also thankful to our friends and partners at St. Andrews for sharing their worship productions with us all through August.   

Trinity’s  virtual services will continue until Thanksgiving. 


  Financial Update  

September 9th, 2020

Dear Trinity Family:

August 2020 results are hot off the press, thanks to Chris and I thought I would provide an update on our financial picture.  

  • OVERVIEW.  The month of August shows a year to date shortfall of $478.34, but is really a shortfall of $888.34 as we have not submitted the $410.00 of M&S August givings to the United Church of Canada.  

  • INCOME.  Thanks to our amazing Congregation, envelope givings remain amazingly strong!  Our shortfall in leased hall rentals was only $3,790.  Our planned income for 8 months is only $6,550 short of our budget.

  • EXPENSES.  Because of our amazing staff and their recognition of the COVID-19 situation, they have willingly reduced their remuneration so as to not put a strain on the Church.  And all of our Committees are into COVID-19 mode and only essential expenses and services are being used.  As a result, our total expenses are $10,277 less than our budgeted total expenses.  So, instead of a planned shortfall of $15,997, we have a shortfall of $888.34.  

  • GIVINGS / PAR (Preauthorized Automatic Remittance).  As mentioned in the income section, I would again like to thank the Congregation for keeping up their givings via PAR, submitting your envelopes and by using the Trinity website, and taking advantage of our donate option.  This utilizes the Canada Helps givings website where givings automatically get deposited into our bank account and the donor will receive a tax receipt from them.

  • GRANTS.  We are exploring the various grants and funding that is available and although one Emergency Community Support Fund grant has been rejected, we are exploring other opportunities.

  • FUNDRAISING.  Our regular fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed.  Rumour has it that the Irish Stew supper committee is planning to follow through with the Irish Stew supper to go.  Details will be shared in the near future.  Any other fundraising ideas that would follow the strict rules and regulations currently in place, touch base with Carol Dueck to see if our Pandemic Committee can approve and support your idea.  

  • WORSHIP / COMMUNICATION.  Rev. Jim and Rick are back with special guest appearance of Jim Mable. We would like to thank St. Andrews for providing online services for the month of August.

  • FEEDBACK.  If you would like more information and something explained in more detail, let me know.    We will continue to watch all expenditures and like COVID-19 has taught us, only essential services will be purchased.

We count our blessings that nobody from our Trinity Family has contracted the COVID-19 virus.  With  Thoughts and Prayers to All of You,


Bob Tanouye

Chair of Finance Committee



Cave Springs Camp   - see  the Trinity webpage about the camp’s October Fun Run.  They are hosting a virtual way to raise the money needed by the camp as all the summer camping experiences and all the fall rentals in the wonderful new building have been lost to the pandemic.   UCW’s and individuals in the region are remembering the camp needs as fall enters.  Add this to your prayer list please.  Donations can be made directly from their website  or mail to 4410 Cave Spring Rd, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0

Worship Committee - Share your ideas
Each year this committee strives to create a worshipful atmosphere that speaks to a wide range of our congregation (whether in person or virtually).  Part of our terms of reference for the committee urges us to listen to your suggestions. and reflect each season if we are still meeting the worship needs of our church family.  Currently, most in the congregation appear to be comfortable with our traditional format with scripture, reflections from the Word and wonderful hymns.  We are not planning to make radical changes to our format, but would appreciate hearing if there are innovations that we could consider to introduce gently such as music styles, alternate or special services, alternative times or programs to engage youth.  If you were touched by a portion of a service that you experienced when visiting other churches, did you wonder if we could incorporate it here at Trinity?  Share your thoughts and wishes and we will explore a variety of ideas at the next few Worship Committee meetings.    

Email or call Carol ( / 289-696-6994. or  Valerie  / (905) 227-7480


What’s Happening?  

Check out the Events tab on the church web page to see where and when services and meetings are happening as the bulletin is a thing of the past.  Community  Suppers will be on hold for this fall. 


Save the Date!  September 25th.  The annual fund raiser - The Irish Stew Dinner  was one of the casualties. of the pandemic in March.  Now, thanks to Mary Yarnell and her helpers, they will do a jig and prepare a delicious, hot, Irish Stew Dinner for you to enjoy at home.   Remember purchasing a ticket way back in the spring?   You will get a call to validate that ticket and are invited to come early ( at 4:30pm ) stopping at the kitchen door on the left side of the church driveway. .  Bob Tanouye (our designated help) will give you a ticket that states how many dinners they will receive.  When you drive around to the parking lot, Mary’s grand kids will deliver these hot dinners in styrofoam containers to the car.  All others who want a dinner, come at 5:30 - 6:30 pm, to the kitchen side door to buy a dinner or up to six dinners. ($17 / dinner cash or cheque)  No one needs to book ahead or to come early as we need to deliver the sixty ticket holders first.  

Anyone hoping for the ambiance as in the previous years is asked to imagine Rev. Jim singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", as Covid means we need to do this differently.

Trinity United Church Thorold 

905-227-4644  /