Trinity Newsletter  Nov 15, 2020 


Return to Church

We have successfully had four services in the sanctuary, with 25-30 people attending.  It is wonderful to see faces, at least the smiling eyes over the masks.   Those attending report that they feel safe.   We will continue to keep the church open for Sunday morning worship within the Public Health guidelines and monitor weekly as the numbers of COVD-19 cases continue to rise in this second wave of the pandemic.  Niagara was placed in the “orange” stage on November 13th, with the new staging, but the parameters for capacity did not change for religious services.   Many of the United Churches in our Horseshoe Falls Region are struggling with this decision of remaining open or not.  At the Annual Council meeting this weekend, the number of churches meeting virtually only is greater than those offering streaming services to choose in-church or virtual participation.  


Rev Jim and Rick continue to work on the sound to offer a service to worship at home.  The video will usually be posted Sunday afternoon or evening.  Many thanks to our Greeters who are helping to show us the new ways to be in the house of the Lord.  


Check in at the church web page for the latest news and events. 

Please don’t be shy to share your ideas, suggestions and questions..  (


Worship Committee Want Ads

Needed: Willing Readers for Sunday for Scriptures and Minutes for Mission. Looking to expand the roster of our church family to share in the Sunday morning worship services You don’t need a professional “radio friendly” voice, just a willingness to participate in the service . Interested? Please contact Jim Mable. (905) 934-8727


Greeters: Connect with Rosemary (905) 687-9460 if you can join the rotating roster of Greeters to welcome folks and screen according to public health guidelines. 

Christmas Eve

The Worship Committee met Nov 12th and after in-depth soul searching, unanimously agreed to offer the Christmas Eve Service as virtual only. We will continue meeting for Sunday morning services unless there is new direction from Niagara Public Health. We looked at a range of pros and cons, but the main reasons were with the escalating pandemic predictions for December; we wanted to avoid the scramble of last minute changes. Other important factors were that a few in our fellowship never get to enjoy the eve service as they attend family celebrations, we will be able to offer a polished, professional production with Matthew Young behind the camera and Rick is organizing some special festive music. We will honour our tradition of celebrating communion, so bring the elements and light a few candles as you join in from home. Being at home, you will be able to sing the familiar carols! We wanted to give you time to adapt your family planning schedules to include the reason for the season into the holiday time. 


Reminder of Practical Projects   

Outreach to our community :


For November and December, we'll collect new or gently used running shoes for our neighbour youth at Prince of Wales School and also winter outerwear such as mitts, hats, scarves, coats and blankets for Thorold's Community Care.  


In January and in February, we'll collect canned goods and boxed food items for Community Care.  Throughout these four months, anyone who wishes to donate by cheque to Community Care can send that directly to Community Care, Thorold, 19 Albert St. W. Thorold. ON .  L2V 2G2.   We'll connect with Community Care throughout this process to learn how best we can help those they help.


Those who currently attend church on Sunday can bring running shoes and warm outerwear to deposit in boxes that sit in the closet directly to the right before entering the Trinity sanctuary. (please continue to keep your own coats with you and not hang them up in the coat room).   


For those not yet returning to church, bring items to the church hall on one of the following times:  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning from 9:00 to 12:00 or during the day on Saturday.  Our staff will respond when you ring the bell, and they'll put contributions into a box that sits next to the table where visitors sign in and get hand sanitizer.  You will not need to enter.   These boxes will be emptied once weekly, and the contents will then be taken where they are needed.


Many thanks for considering this outreach     Jan Tanouye and Maggie Duckett President UCW

Trinity United Church Thorold 

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