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            Sunday Worship

            Trinity United Church

            Thorold, Ontario

            October 25, 2020 




      A Christian is the freest lord of all, and subject to none;

      a Christian is the most dutiful servant of all,

      and subject to everyone.

      (Martin Luther, 1483-1546)


PRELUDE (A Time for Quiet Reflection)


INTROIT #822 Psalm 100, verse 1







(after Catherine Tovell, Kilworth United, Komoka, Ontario)

One:    We gather in body and in Spirit

             to engage again the stories of the faith.

All:      We come in keen anticipation.

One:    In heart and soul, we hear again the songs

            that tell of Christ’s love for all people.

All:      We come with open hearts.

One:    In the sanctuary of our church or of our homes, 

            we witness and bear witness to the beauty of creation in the Holy Spirit.

All:      We come ready to respond to 

            the Spirit’s call to love and life.  

            We come to worship God. 


HYMN #288 Great Is Thy Faithfulness 

OPENING PRAYER:  (Karen Boivin, City View United, Napean)

      O God, you continue to reform the Reformed Church as you have from its first days.  You spoke to those who came           before us, through the Word read, preached, and lived, about changes needed to reach souls.  Shape us today, by our       worship and praise, and throughout the year, by all our efforts in Christ’s name, into the church for the future.  We           know you go with us in our hearts, in this community of faith, and in all of heaven and earth.  Assured and energized       by your grace, we are also comforted by the words of prayer that Jesus gave us to share on the journey together,                 saying:      Our Father, who art in heaven ..        #921




HYMN Magic Penny, by Malvina Reynolds




HYMN Magic Penny, chorus


MINUTE FOR MISSION (Reader: Jennifer Yarnell)


BIBLE READINGS (Reader: Jennifer Yarnell)

     Prayer for Illumination

      First Reading:  Deuteronomy 34:1-12 (RSV)

      Moses dies and is buried in the land of Moab


      Responsive Reading: 

      Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17 (Scottish Psalter, 1650)

      Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place 

One:      Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place in generations all.

               Before thou ever hadst brought forth the mountains great or small;

All:         ere ever thou hadst formed the earth,

               and all the world abroad;

               ev’n thou from everlasting art

               to everlasting God.

One:      Thou dost unto destruction man, that is mortal, turn;

               and unto them thou say’st, Again, ye sons of men, return.

All:         Because a thousand years appear no more before thy sight

                than yesterday, when it is past, or than a watch by night.

One:       As with an overflowing flood thou carry’st them away:

                they like a sleep are, like the grass that grows at morn are they.

All:          At morn it flourishes and grows,

                 cut down at ev’n doth fade.

One:       Turn yet again to us, O Lord,

                how long thus shall it be?

                Let it repent thee now for those that servants are to thee.

All:          O with thy tender mercies, Lord,

                 us early satisfy;

                so we rejoice shall all our days, and still be glad in thee.

One:       According as the days have been,

               wherein we grief have had,

               and years wherein we ill have seen, so do thou make us glad.

All:         O let thy work and pow’r appear thy servants’ face before;

                and show unto their children dear thy glory evermore:

One:      and let the beauty of the Lord our God be us upon:

               our handy-works establish thou, establish them each one.


Sung Response:                #806, verse 6

      O God, our help in ages past,

       our hope for years to come,

      be thou our guard while troubles last,

      and our eternal home.


Gospel: Matthew 22:34-46 (RSV)

      The greatest commandment


SERMON    ‘This claim of faith’      Rev. Jim McKnight


*HYMN #580 Faith of Our Fathers



      Presentation Hymn:  #540 Grant Us, God, the Grace of Giving

      Offertory Prayer:   (after Frances Flook, Emo/Devlin United, Emo, Ontario)

      By our gifts, O God, and as we are loved, may we show our love for others.  As we are forgiven, may we help others           encounter your forgiveness.  As we have received, may we give to your glory as we bring our gifts today, for Jesus’             sake.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.



      Invitation to Prayer:  #672 Take Time to Be Holy, verse 1


      A Time of Meditation or Silent Prayer

     Pastoral Prayer


HYMN #602 Blest Be the Tie That Binds 




*CHORAL AMEN     - Klusmeier


POSTLUDE (A Time for Quiet Reflection)





























Love the Lord your God, says Jesus; 

        love your neighbour as yourself.

You can do it, Jesus says.

I am with you.

I am with you in your heart and soul and mind.

I promise you that love can bring life out of death.

And I promise you that you’ll know love 

                because I first loved you!


And may the grace of Christ attend us, etc.

Trinity United Church Thorold 

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