Written by Debra Parks  -  The night of Easter Sunday, 2020

I woke up in the night with this thought running through my head.

I turned over to go back to sleep and the thought and sentences started to flow and something said get up and write it down.

So here it is.


            I SAW GOD TODAY

In this time of terrible sickness and death from COVID-19

I Saw God Today

With the rebirth of the land, and return of spring.

With the birds singing and flowers blooming, trees budding.

I Saw God Today

With neighbours helping neighbours, old and young

with groceries and phone calls

I Saw God Today

With help of all the front line workers who are caring

for the sick and dying people

I Saw God Today

With our policemen, firemen and paramedics

who continue to keep us safe from harm.

I Saw God Today

With restaurants helping to feed our front line and

behind the scene workers

I Saw God Today

With all countries of the world

fighting against a common foe,

I Saw God Today

With time being spent with family,

communicating near and far

I Saw God Today

With Governments helping people who are laid off

from their work with no viable income.

I Saw God Today

I think if humanity stopped and took a good look around

Everyone would see God today

God is always with us we just have to look.

Easter Sunday

Thanks to my Trinity friends and all those not lucky enough to belong to Trinity. Easter blessings to all.


As we ponder our unusual circumstances, it is sometimes difficult not to feel sorry for ourselves.


I have been thinking a great deal about those in our family and others, who made such sacrifices during WW2.  I think of my sister-in-law’s parents and my husband’s parents who lived through the war in England.  Both families endured bombing of their homes and neighbourhoods - my husband’s family more than once  and the depravation of rationing well into the 1950’s.  Both of these Dads served in the British army and were away from their families for 5 years at the front lines as medics.   I am thinking about other families in our church also. One mother who spent several years interred at Bergen-Belsen.  I know there were many other family sacrifices in all of the Trinity family.


My sister-in-law told me recently about listening to a WW2 veteran (in his late 90’s) explaining the sacrifices that he and his comrades made while fighting in Europe (part of it at Dieppe or Dunkirk) to protect lives back home and in Europe.    He then said “all we are asking of you to save Canadian lives now, is to sit on your couch!”  That really hit home with me.  


But I don’t think we should focus too much on doom and gloom, or those selfish people who insist on flouting the rules which are protecting us.  We have no control over other peoples’ behaviour.


The human condition allows us to focus on other things too – like hope and patience, especially for those with faith.  


Back in my political science classes at university  I learned about William Penn.  He was born in England in the 1600’s and then became a Quaker as a young man.  He was a strong proponent of tolerance and religious freedom.  He went on to establish Pennsylvania as a refuge for Quakers and other religious minorities from Europe.  He was in jail in England at least 4 times for his beliefs.  His name came to my mind when I was thinking about patience and hope.


One of his quotes:  “Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.”


When I think of all the plans I made, all the resolutions I vowed to keep, they were poor substitutes for patience.  At times, (like now) doing nothing is harder than writing lists and following schedules and doing this and that. Always I need to remember : in God’s time, not mine.  I am not running the universe  - the world does not bow to my wishes.  


I am very grateful for my Trinity family and how we care for one another and others in our community.  I am grateful for my family and friends and marvel that I live in Canada.  It is comforting to see our political leaders put aside their differences and reach out to help other Provinces and Canadians at large.  We are all truly blessed.


Be safe – apologies to Rev. Jim for getting a little preachy  


Easter love to all.



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