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Sunday Worship

Trinity United Church

Thorold, Ontario

September 20, 2020

Autumn Beginnings






(after Elaine Bidgood Sveet, First Lutheran, Rugby & Leeds)

One:  Here in this place, we gather to worship.

All:    We gather to sing, to pray,

          to know the love of God’s promise.

 One: As Christians have done for centuries before,

          as they do now, around the world,

          we do the same.

All:    We gather in worship.

One: Let us worship with joy and in love!


HYMN #415 God, We Praise You for the Morning



Loving God, each day presents us with joys and concerns, with questions, conundrums, sorrows and hopes and decisions.  Sometimes we know what to do; perhaps, most often.  There are times though when we are at a complete loss.  Contexts change.  The ground shifts.  But you are our constant  -  loving and faithful and sure; a life-giving promise when, otherwise, we would be lost.  Guide us, O God, in our loss and unknowing, and walk with us the ways into life.  This we pray in Jesus’ name, who taught us, when we pray, to say:  Our Father, who art in heaven ..





Prayer for Illumination:

Gracious Holy Spirit, guide us in the loving wisdom of your presence, that what we hear we hear in heart and soul, so we might live for Jesus’ sake.  This we pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


First Reading:  Exodus 16:2-15 (New Revised Standard Version)

    A story of God’s purpose for life


Responsive Reading: Psalm 105, selected verses (Voices United)

A song of God’s promise, and praise

One:         Give thanks and call on God's name.

                 Make known to the nations what God has done.

All:           Sing, O sing the songs of praise;

                 tell of all God's wonderful deeds.

One:         Exult in God's holy name;

All:           let those who seek God be joyful in heart.

One:        Turn for help to the One who is your strength;

                 seek God's presence continually.

All:          Remember the marvels the Most High has done,

                 the wonders and judgements God has given,

One:        O children of Abraham and Sarah, God's servants,

All:          O offspring of Israel, chosen of God.

One:        You, O God, are the eternal God,

All:          your justice reaches every corner of the earth.

One:        You are ever mindful of your covenant,

                 the promise you gave to a thousand generations,

All:          the covenant you made with Sarah and Abraham,    the oath you gave to Isaac.

One:        You confirmed it for Jacob as binding.

                 To Israel your everlasting covenant you declared,

All:           'To you I give the land of Canaan,

                 as your appointed inheritance.'

One:        You led Israel out, with spoil of silver and gold.

                 Among the tribes not one fell behind.

All:           The Egyptians were glad when they went,

                 for dread of Israel had fallen upon them.

One:        You spread cloud as a screen,

All:          and fire as light by night.

One:        The people asked, and you sent them quail;

                you filled them with bread from heaven.

All:          You opened a rock and water gushed out:

                 It flowed like a river through the arid land.

One:         For you remembered the sacred promise

                 you made to Abraham and Sarah, your servants.

All:          You led out your people rejoicing,

                 your chosen ones with songs of gladness.

One:         You gave them the lands of nations;

All:            they took possession where others had toiled,

                  that they might keep your laws

                  and obey your teachings.


Sung Response:                #405, verse 1

New every morning is the love

our wakening and uprising prove;

through sleep and darkness safely brought,

restored to life, and power, and thought.


Gospel Reading: Matthew 20:1-16 (New Revised Standard Version)

    A parable about a generous landowner




MESSAGE    ‘The meaning is life’

                        Rev. Jim McKnight


HYMN #714 Come, We That Love the Lord




HYMN #657 He Leadeth Me 



CHORAL AMEN                        #967



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